Andropenis Peyronie’s Disease Device

Andropenis, The Most Proven Product To Support Penis Curvature Correction – Without Surgery.


Clinically proven to support Peyronie’s disease treatment and encourage penis curvature correction. Australian TGA certification number: ARTG 154288

Andropenis can be used by men of all ages. Using the proven and medically documented method of penile traction therapy (PTT), it can also promote natural penis enlargement.

Andropenis is manufactured with high quality components according to strict international quality standards.

Safety is our priority. Our products use the medically proven optimal tension range of up to 1500 grams (beware of imitations that boast dangerous and unsafe tension levels).

✔ If you want a longer, thicker or straighter penis with lasting results,  Andropenis is the answer.


The Only Australian TGA Registered Product For Treatment Of Peyronie’s Disease.

For many years surgery was accepted as the only method for peyronie’s disease treatment, but that changed when the Andropenis was released in 1995. Internationally, it has been used by over 1,000,000 men to support the treatment of Peyronie’s disease (severe penis curvature) and to enlarge their penis without the need for surgery . Andropenis is unique as it’s the only product available that has obtained Australian TGA registration for Peyronie’s disease treatment.

It also holds U.S FDA, Canadian, Italian, Spanish, U.K and many other medical authority registrations. Andropenis is widely regarded as the most proven product available for straightening the penis without the need for surgery. It is made by a legitimate medical company based in Spain with over 25 years of experience in Urology and penile traction device manufacturing.