Andro Peyronie’s Disease Device

04/07/2019 – Please note we can no longer promote or endorse the Andro Peyronie’s Disease Device in good conscience.


No Longer Registered under Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

Therefore, No longer legally sold in Australia

Manufacturer/Owner based in Spain, using forceful and threatening tactics over resellers to buy huge amounts of units, or face having their websites deleted and reported to Google for using trademarks and copyrights.


Welcome to the ex Andro Official Australian website. We used to be the LARGEST Australian supplier of this brand but can no longer recommend the product to Australians because it can no longer legally be sold here. Despite this basic legal issue, the manufacturer has pressed on and demanded we buy a huge amount of units, or face website deletion. This forceful tactic being so unethical and unprofessional, demands that the public be made aware of what type of company they would be supporting, if considering to purchase an Andro device.


The Andro Peyronies Device can be used by men of all ages. It uses the proven and medically documented method of penile traction therapy (PTT), which may also promote natural penis enlargement.

Andro Peyronies Device is manufactured in China.

Safety is our priority. Andro Peyronies Device uses the medically proven optimal tension range of up to 1500 grams (beware of imitations that boast dangerous and unsafe tension levels).

✔ If you want a longer, thicker or straighter penis with lasting results,  PTT is the answer.


Proven History

For many years surgery was accepted as the only method for peyronie’s disease treatment, but that changed when the Andro Peyronies Device was released in 1995. Internationally, it has been used by over 1,000,000 men to support the treatment of Peyronie’s disease (severe penis curvature) and to enlarge their penis without the need for surgery .

It also holds U.S FDA, Canadian, Italian, Spanish, U.K and many other medical authority registrations. It is made by a legitimate medical company based in Spain with over 25 years of experience in Urology and penile traction device manufacturing, who have in recent years outsourced the production of the device to China.

It is with great regret we no longer endorse the sale or use of the Andro Peyronie’s Device product.