Peyronie’s Information

Peyronie’s disease is a diagnosed medical condition that confirms a patient has a bend or curve in the penis of 30 degrees or more. The cause can range from simply being unknown, to an injury or perhaps being born with curved penis. Thanks to Doctor’s such as the one who invented Andropenis, it’s no longer a condition that means men have to undergo surgical procedures to treat the condition.


Example of what causes Peyronies disease, also know as penile fibrosis. Plaque can build up on any area of the penis and cause various degrees of penile curvature.


Penis curvature is actually very common among adult males. We’ve heard time and again many customer’s give great feedback after successfully using Andropenis to get back into the “normal range” of penis curvature. We do however, encourage them to keep going with the treatment  (depending on the initial amount of penis curvature) for anywhere from 3 to 6 months, then to take a break and assess if they still want to use for further straightening or enlargement of the penis.