Peyronie’s Disease Studies

04/07/2019 – Please note we can no longer promote or endorse the Andro Peyronie’s Disease Device in good conscience.


No Longer Registered under Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

Therefore, No longer legally sold in Australia

Manufacturer/Owner based in Spain, using forceful and threatening tactics over resellers to buy huge amounts of units, or face having their websites deleted and reported to Google for using trademarks and copyrights.


The Andro Peyronie’s device is a clinically proven, class 1 medical device which has been designed specifically for non-surgical peyronie’s disease treatment. Penile traction therapy (PTT) is the medical term used for the method of applying traction to the penis for a specific outcome, such as penile straightening and even penis enlargement. Numerous PTT studies have discovered that many men can also benefit with improved erection quality as a result of using traction on the penis.

Below are numerous studies that can be read to see just how effective penile traction therapy and the Andro Peyronie’s device can be to help correct penis curvature and promote the treatment of peyronies disease without having to undergo surgical procedures:


Journal of sexual medicine February 2014: Acute Phase Peyronie’s Disease Management with Traction Device

Brief Summary:

“PTT seems an effective treatment for the AP of PD in terms of pain reduction, penile curvature decrease, and improvement in sexual function”

Peyronie’s disease – latest treatment options

Relevant Excerpts and Brief Summary:

“It works by gently stretching the penis and elongating the plaque which in turn breaks it down. If worn as instructed initial results should be seen within 3–4 weeks, with full results taking 3–6 months.


“There has been a marked improvement of between 30–45% in the degree of angulation, with reduction in discomfort and the ability to resume sexual intercourse in most cases.


“An….. was fitted and used daily as instructed. Patient was seen in clinic after three months and the fibrotic plaque had lengthened and decreased in width, while the penis itself had lengthened by approximately 1.2cm. The patient reported that the curvature had decreased by approximately 20°. He was seen again at six months and improvements had continued with a further increase in length of 1.52cm, plus a decrease in the size of the plaque.


“For those who cannot or will not undergo the surgical option, the ….. is is a real alternative. It gives the patient autonomy and allows them to take some control of the situation, while getting positive results. It is extremely important when discussing the options that this is considered an effective and viable treatment, and the practitioner will themselves realise the potential of this device after seeing the positive effects that it can have on their patients.”

It is with great regret we no longer endorse the sale or use of the Andro Peyronie’s Device product.